Men ‘Trick or Trick’ ?

Men, they will keep you awake for the entire first year of the relationship by calling you late at nights and then after the year passes their thoughts will keep you awake. Your mind keeps thinking what went wrong? Why doesn’t he talk anymore?

People say women are hard to understand, they are not predictable. But doesn’t it also mean that no matter what you do you can’t understand them? So there is no point wasting energy just do she says and save yourself a never ending argument 😉 On the other hand men claim to be so simple and predictable but yet so unpredictable. When they try to please you they’ll do what you want, they will go wherever you want to, they will say whatever you want to hear, they will put you as their first priority, they will cancel meetings for you, they will buy flowers just to make you feel that you are THE HIGH IMPORTANCE. And once the girl falls for it all goes away. Suddenly giving his opinion on everything becomes the issue of human rights, no matter after how many days you come back from some place he can’t make it to the airport to receive you because of some meeting on which his whole future relies and best of all ‘buying flowers becomes waste of money’.

Now many will disagree with this, saying men cannot spend their entire life just running behind you. I agree but why to raise expectations in the first place. You know why Indian marriages last long just because of the fact that no girl who marries a random guy expects him to kiss the soil she walks over. It generally is no high expectation relationship. In love marriages we expect way too much from our partners because they raised the bar for themselves. Boys please do not do what you can’t do for the girl her entire life until or unless you are just trying to get into her pants 😉 .